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Friday, May 28, 2010

Audrey Elise Hanchett-part two and many pictures

I really should be getting shower and getting things done around the house instead of writing this but I'm being lazy...that doesn't happen too often anymore.

So after Audrey was born, they took her and gave her first sponge bath. She didn't like that at all and cried and cried and cried. At one point the nurse stepped away to get something and Lyle stepped over and took her hand and started talking to her. She stopped crying immediately and listened to daddy. It was so precious!

Once we got to the post delivery room at 2a.m., I was FINALLY able to eat and relax. The only problem was the bed. It seemed to have been made for a short person. My feet were flat against the end board and I was REALLY uncomfortable! I asked the nurse if it was possible to fix it and she just laughed and shook her head. I would have to deal with it. We were in the hospital for the rest of Wednesday night and Thursday night. I managed to get sleep but was still squished. On the last night, a new nurse came in and was getting things situated when she looked at my feet and commented, "you look uncomfortable. Do you want me to fix your bed?" YES! So she pushed a button on the outside of the bed and magically, my bed grew in length and I was able to stretch out. :)

Friday, Lyle and I were both ready to get out of the hospital. We had to wait for all the drs. to come in and check us out so by 11 a.m., we had been seen and ready to go. The bad part was the stand-in pediatrician had come in that morning and had half heartedly looked over Audrey and then left with no comments. Then later, Lyle and I both noticed Audrey was looking a little Jaundiced and pointed it out to the nurse. It wasn't until 11 a.m. (when we are ready to run out of there) that the nurse informed us that the pediatrician wanted us to stay til 4 to get her tested again for Jaundice and then see if she could go home or not-now why didn't he mention that before?!! So we had to kill time in the hospital.
The nurse told us that we could take Audrey out in the family garden and get her some sunshine for the Jaundice but we had to go to the front to get a badge and to get her alarm (on her leg) turned off. So we went and as we were headed to the door to go out, the alarm started going off. They had forgotten to turn off her alarm. So they finally did and we went out for a walk.
When we came back in, we gave the badge to the desk and went to our room so they could take here and test her. The nurse came and took her and not long after, an alarm started going off and a random nurse comes into our room -"Your baby's alarm is going off! Where's your baby?!" After our hearts had stopped, we were able to tell her the nurse had her for testing and they were able to get the alarm turned off...it was all quite an eventful day! We finally got the okay and got out of there by 6.

Since then, and many laughs, life has been pretty upside down. My parents came for the first week to help and then Dave and Norma came for the second week--thank you SO much to both sets of grandparents!!! Couldn't have survived without you guys!

Audrey is now 7lbs. 13 oz. and very healthy! She scared the nurses and drs. at her first check up because she was so squirmy and would roll that it caught them off guard. She holds her head up already, has rolled from her back to her tummy already (an accident for sure but still pretty good), has so many different facial expressions and has no problem telling you what she wants. We sure love our little addition!


Chantel said...

She is absolutely adorable!! Congratulations Katy!!!

keri said...

Love the pics. Thanks for posting them instead of showering. Look closely at the one of Nana holding Audrey outside. They have matching forehead wrinkles. So cute. (Sorry Nana.)