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Thursday, April 30, 2009


The Object:
Lyle's work phone

The Evidence:

The Culprit:

Human's toy that I can't have, but it's been left on the swing and it needs a friend.

It's pretty bad when you go out to find Jaz with the phone and she's already done her business and moved on to another toy...that was in a 20min period of time and she'd done WONDERS on it.
It was bad timing because Doug was going out of town, Lyle was running the place on his own the next day, he was going to be in a meeting and had to be able to get a hold of his guys.
We called our wonderful friend, Walter, to get a new one from the company and he sent us to the local Allet/Verizon Wireless store. It turned out that the phone has insurance and so the company just had to pay $50 and he got a new one. The problem was that the way Jaz tore the phone, they couldn't get the TONZ of lost numbers. Doug said he had them on his phone but it wouldn't transfer. so we tried to transfer from the computer, but it was the wrong file. So Lyle's WONDERFUL wife stayed up late putting in all his numbers so that sick Lyle wouldn't have to worry about it. (His wife is SO good to him-don't let him make you think otherwise! :))

ALSO, I have been have problems with my phone battery dying after two minor calls and Keri (thanks) suggested that I check to see if my contract was almost up. So we did while we were there and it turned out that since my contract was up and I was a faithful 2 year customer, I got a $50 credit towards an upgraded phone on top of the discounts that the phone already came with. He showed me a few (Keep in mind that when I got my original phone it was the most basic, cheapest phone they had)

and I wanted to keep it cheap and simple again but he pointed out a VERY fancy phone

with a Full Keyboard for texting and many other WONDERFUL features including music, great rings, a card to move from the phone to the computer, AND a great camera (none that my previous phone had)...and then he informed me that with all the discounts and credits, I would get that phone (worth $100) COMPLETELY FREE! I was sold!
Now I LOVE my phone!

Call me sometime!


Ketchesons said...

FANCY SMANCHY!!!! (I don't really know if that is a real word but I don't care either :-) )
15 days!!!!!!

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