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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunbeams...survival of the fittest!

Lyle 'n I have been called to be Sunbeam teachers in our ward.

Now, this is a first for me and Lyle (he's taught other ages of primary-not me), and we show up to find out that we are practicing for the program and we are thrown in it. So we have one girl and three boys (others, but weren't there). All VERY energetic and two twins (boy and girl that pick on each other). So after they ran the program (with MUCH trouble), they wanted to run it again...not a good idea for our Sunbeams. At that point, cute Abigail is jumping all around, Rockwell is taking off his shoes and the rest are following suit.
Needless to say, the presidency excused us to go for a walk.
They're all cute kids. We went for a walk and then went to the classroom and played a few games. Lyle 'n I really enjoyed ourselves even though we were VERY tired afterwards.

So take all that and add........

An Autistic boy in the class that wasn't there today. That's why Lyle 'n I were both called because then I can work with him and Lyle can watch the others...and both of us can teach. Wish us luck and if you have ANY ideas, let us know.


Anonymous said...

me and Kory taught a class of 10 sunbeams together in Idaho.... it was CRAZY! Now we teach the CTR 5 together... and with Penny in our class it's really interesting!

Ketchesons said...

How fun, good luck!
I am the nursery leader of 31 kids!!!!
move, that is my advice!

keri said...

I totally envy you. However, are sure trusting that many little ones to Lyle is the best idea???? ; )