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Monday, March 2, 2009

Climb to Conquer Cancer

I participated in such an awesome cause on Saturday. Jess, Brenda and I have been working out together and working toward this walk. It is an eleven mile hike...5.5 up hile and then you have the option of taking a bus back down (which more than half did) but those that were crazy walked back down...which included us. We even ran down some of the hills because it hurt so much just to walk down hill. The day after I was massively sore and sick to my stomach and even two days after I am still sore but not quite like yesterday. It was such a huge accomplishment for all three of us. It was a marker for Brenda and I because at this point we have been working out together for a year, and it was Jess's marker for getting rid of ALL her baby weight! We were all so proud of ourselves and each other and would have NEVER made it without each other.

-High five girls!-

So here's some pics from the walk...

At the beginning

If you look close you can see the first hill up the mountain that we had to climb.

View of PHX on top of South Mountain

We also got balloons at the bottom and carried them to the top and released them in memory of those that survived.

We had such a great time that we've decided to make it a tradition...want to join?


Ketchesons said...

That is awesome Katy!!!
You go girl!!!

keri said...

Congrats Kay! Very proud of you.

Jabers & Jeni Hall said...

Woo! Go Katy! so proud of you.