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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bad morning, but full of gratitude!

You know those days that nothing goes right...that was this morning. We woke up a little late for a work day. I had showered the night before and that would be good and save time, but MY hair...that's not good! It takes longer because of my hair's personality. I ended up leaving the house with a hat on. Then, I decided to make some breakfast for Lyle and reached for the eggs and dropped it on the floor making a BIG mess. So then, we are ready and Lyle gets sick to his stomach, so he ends up in the John for a while AND we have to be to Corporate by 10 for his manager meeting and it's 9:00 (it takes an hour to get to work. ...bad morning...and we finally got out the door. I'm thinking, okay, at least my morning is almost over.

Yesterday, Lyle and Doug did some dirt work and put it all in a trailer that we borrowed from a guy at work. We filled the trailer up 2/3 of the way and told Doug that we would take it in with us in the morning and dump it at the landfill...no problem! Done that before.

This is where the gratitude part kicks in. I'll point these out...
So we start out on the freeway going 30, 35, 40, 45...and the trailer started to swerve back and forth. Lyle, not ever being in this situation but knowing that you should never hit the brakes, took his foot off the gas and tried to coast to a stop (Doug had said to keep it under 55, he didn't mention that 45 is also bad!). The problem at this point is that the trailer is swerving so much and it's heavier than we anticipated, that we begin skidding. The trailer pushed us forward, turned us in a donut, headed straight for the wall (still going at a very fast speed), and AMAZINGLY stopped right before, Gratitude #1-we REALLY could have been hurt because of the speed we were going towards the wall.
We were finally stopped facing the wall, the trailer jack knifed, and covering three lanes of the freeway! Gratitude #2-thanks to the fact that we slept in, we were not in the middle of rush hour traffic! If we had been, we surely would have hit someone and others hit us...which my door was facing the on coming traffic, but amazingly enough, I glanced out my window and saw all the cars sitting there just waiting for us like it had been planned for them to stop.
Gratitude #3-Nothing was damaged enough to make us stay in the middle and wait for the cops (we surely would have been fined a pretty penny!)
So we pulled over to the side, checked things out...by this time, I am a MESS, shaking, crying...willing to walk (Lyle was so calm for me and the situation! I love him for that!!). Of course we still needed to get to the landfill so we start out again going 25, 30, 35, 40...here we go again! We started skidding and swerving and were thankfully able (Gratitude #4-we didn't hit the workers on the shoulder) to pull safely to the side. From that point...I was more of a wreck and Lyle's nerves were fried! So we ended up taking Baseline all the way going 30 with our flashers. F.Y.I., it takes us 45 min to get to work just on the freeway...to go 30 on the side roads...let's just say we didn't make it to work until 11:00. Plus, even on the side roads, we had to go thru yellow lights because it was impossible to stop...that's why we didn't do side roads in the first place.
Thankfully, the bad morning ended and we got rid of the aweful trailer...and even though it was such an aweful experience and wish it to never happen again, it opened our eyes to how watched over we were/are. Looking back, I am in awe at how many times in those couple of moments, we could have been hurt or even killed, but He was watching and keeping us safe!
Lesson learned!
Lyle's truck is a bit banged up...the tailgate is smashed in and the back right side is dented, but that is really all...Gratitude #5).
Pictures of the truck to follow...


Candace said...

SHEESH KATY! You DID have a crappy morning! But good for you in seeing how the Lord blessed you through it all!

Chantel said...

Katy- how scary. I am so glad everything is ok. These situations always seem to bring out the best gratitude.

Lyle and Katy Hanchett said...

I'm also glad that everything is okay...the thing with the gratitude is just thinking back at what COULD have happened just makes me sick...so the gratitude just kicks in. The weird thing is that I had just read about your sister's accident (on your blog) that morning...I was thinking how scary it would be...now I know.

Justin & Rebecca said...

katie, you really should have married a guy who knows how to drive. lyle just makes me hang my head and shake it back and forth.

anyways love ya guys! hope to see you soon in Arizona! (like December of January!)

The Conrads said...

Yikes! Scary! I'm glad everything turned out ok.