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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Pain, No Gain!!

So today marks my three months of exercising with Brenda. I just have to record this because it is the ONLY exercise regiment that I have stuck with the longest and now it's a habit.
For the first two months, Brenda and I would walk around Freestone park which is about two miles and we'd do it between 20-25 minutes-depending on the sweltering heat. Our best time was 20, but we never took more than 25 min.
Once the heat became 100 +, we decided to take advantage of the gilbert rec. center right next to the park. So we decided to do the machinery for 15min and then walk the track for 15min. Well that got longer and longer and finally to the point that we were pushing ourselves to thirty min on the eliptical machine (OUCH!!) and then walk for 15+ min. Let's just say I have started to feel a difference (even if it's in the way I walk stiffely).
Well THEN Brenda decides that we should start an abs class...................AAAHHHHOUCH!!
So last night was the third abs classes we went to. It's all I can do to make it through the class with all the leg up, leg down, now pulse, pulse, pulse...WAA! At least the next day---aside from the waddling from sore legs, butt, abs, and more-I feel good about myself.
Oh! And Brenda! She doesn't leave ANY man behind...even if they don't want to come! I call with reasons not to exercise, just to find myself dragged back to class and the gym.
She's good for me, even if I do look at her during our abs class when I am on squat #too many and want to tell her how much I dislike her for putting me through the pain!

Want to join?


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you girl! I went to the gym today during my lunch hour to walk on the tread mill (since it is so hot outside) I felt like a pregnant freak, especially since most of the people in there were college kids.

Ketchesons said...

Way to GO Kate Kate!!!
I got a Verizon cel phone, we can talk for free now, YEY!!!!!
you better call and ask for forgiveness

keri said...

At least you have a good friend who is going to help you get into shape whether or not you like it!!!