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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Van Vleet Fourth

What a fun weekend!! The VanVleet clan arrived Thursday night and began a weekend of fun and relaxing!

On Friday, Jill and I decided that the family was going to get pedicures...which was a first for some.

Daddy's first! And Jill's.

The gang.

This is the guy that did my feet. He was so fun and entertaining. I had the entertainer, Dad had the FRIENDLY one (if you get my drift), and Jill had the married, but flirter (see next pic for explanation).

Jill got two things added on to her bill more than the others. So when our bills came to $50 or less, Jill's came to $3 more...it's because she was a HUGE flirt! She even admits it! Just don't tell Tim!

The beginnings of Keri's toes. They were all very creative when it came to designs on the toes.

Katy's toes (left), Keri's (right)

Jill with the perifin on her hands.

Mom getting her callous remover done. They paint goop on and then use sand paper on the foot and all those that know mom know that she is VERY ticklish!

We all did the basic pedicure that included hot lotion and salt scrub...AAHHHH! Then we all got different things added on that included perifin (wax on the hands and/or feet), callous remover, and foot facial. Then we all (not daddy of course even though he was mocked by the fam AND the chinese ladies there)

The final products! Mom (left), Katy (bottom), Keri (right), Jill (Top)

Then on Saturday morning, we had Richard and Becca over for breakfast...they brought along their CUTE kiddo, Bryce.

It was so fun seeing them and playing with Bryce.

We then played for hours in the pool at Doug and Brendas (Thanks guys!)

Saturday afternoon, Dad and Jill and I went to the Diamondbacks game (they lost!).

Last of all we, of course, played games at all at-home-hours and ended Sunday with a few games of the typical Settlers.

Now that the fun weekend is over, it's time to recoop and recover...still working on it!


Jake & Maria said...

Sounds like you had a blast!!! We need to get together again some time soon... I am having withdrawals!!

Candace said...

HA! I love that your dad got a pedicure too! That's awesome. What a good sport. :)

Lyle and Katy Hanchett said...

Candace- my dad was a good sport! He enjoyed it all even though we were all teasing him. Lyle on the other hand would not touch foot in there. It was tonz of fun!