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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alaskan Cruise-Day 1

Lyle's wonderful parents had their dream come true by taking the family on an Alaskan Cruise the last week in July.
It was SO amazing! 7 days on the ocean in Alaska! We had such a great time!

We got to the ship around noon and went through the procedures to get our room key and everything else and then made our way onto our home for the next 7 days-the Zaandam.

AMAZING! This ship was so ritzy. 9 floors-a movie theater, library, game room, culinary arts theater, dining rooms, pools (though small), a kid hangout, spa, gym, buffet-24/7 food, lookout, amazing restrooms, and so much more!

Women's restrooms

While waiting for our rooms, we went to the dining room for lunch and WOW! They put your napkins in your laps, you drink from rich glasses-the whole bit. Katryna and I both had tasty Ziti-mmmmm-and then a chocolate cake to finish-did I say mmmm already?

Dining room

We were finally able to head to our rooms around 1:30. They were nice. Pretty much a glorified hallway, but you really don't spend a ton of time in it anyway! The beds were amazing though! It was the best sleep any of us got. The boat just rocks you to sleep.

long long hallways filled with rooms

our staterooms

Beautiful Seattle!

After getting settled in, we all headed to the back deck for Bon Voyage and at 4:30 we were off...sailing away!

It was so relaxing and amazing to realize that you were sailing on the ocean. You really couldn't tell too often that it was a rocking boat.
That evening our view was mostly fog and so we all just explored the many floors and options and then retired to our rooms.

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Belkycita said...

Isn't Seattle just beautiful :-)