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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

While Mom and Dad were Away...

...Miss Audrey got to play with her Nana and Pappa. She had such a great time and my parents just fell in love with my easy-going-daughter, I didn't think they were going to give her back!

From what I am told, she was such a good influence on the little kids my sister fosters, AND she had my dad wrapped around her finger by the first day!
Pappa's Golf watching buddy

They also discovered that she LOVES taking baths.

And she of course gave Nana and Pappa a break by sleeping through the night.

There really were just smiles all around (even though Mommy and Daddy terribly missed her!)

Lyle and I didn't fly in until Saturday night at 11 and so we had just accepted the fact that she would be asleep and we'd have to wait 'til the morning to see her. We got off the plane and walked around a sign and my mom was standing there with our sweet baby in her arms! It was such a welcomed surprise!

Even now, my mom calls and tells me how much she misses Audrey. I'm glad she had so much fun and was well taken care of!

P.S. It'll be a few days before I can finish the final towns for the cruise. I have to wait for the last of the pictures to come from Wes.


Belkycita said...

What a sweety!!

keri said...

I miss Audrey. Can she come play again?