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Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm bored enough to do this tag...why not?!

What I was doing 10 years ago: I was fourteen and entering high school! My mom thought for sure that I was going to have a hard transition because I was so shy! Thanks to my sister, she took me under her wing and taught me the ropes.

5 years ago: I was attending EAC living in my first off campus house with some of the best roommates ever!! That house had a door with a HUGE gap at the bottom and and we had a mouse, frog, and many other creatures become our roommates. We made our own trap for the mouse and were all ready for it to be dead and then we caught it and there were tears! Great memories!!

1 year ago: Living in Gilbert, AZ, in an apartment. I was battling with myself whether or not I was going back to school or not.

Yesterday: I was a work and was BOREd out of my mind, finished my AWESOME book, went grocery shopping, got a wonderful massage, and then talk for an hour and a half with Ash!

5 favorite books: Twilight, Eclipse, The Host, Dracula, and ...

5 fave places to run away: ABQ, Alaska, Doug's, home, the mall

5 bad habits: picking my fingers, biting my lip, taking my grouchiness out on Lyle, eating unhealthy, not putting things away right away.

5 things I would never wear: bakini, mini skirt, belly shirt, tank top, strap-less

5 pet peeves: I can't think off the top of my head.

5 things I enjoy: tv, reading, horses, being a child with Lyle, living in my house and decorating, family, art...that's more than 3.

5 favorite t.v. shows: america's next top model, hell's kitchen, farmer wants a wife, celebrity circus, two and a half men

5 people I want to tag: Keri, Erin, Jake/Maria, Chantel, Ashley U


Jake & Maria said...

What do you know... Those were the same five things that came to mind for myself when I tried to think of five things I would never wear!! -Jake

Cathy Connolly said...

You watched Farmer Wants a Wife?! I thought that show was so funny. My sister and I would call each other after and discuss it. Same with The Bachelor/Bachlorette. I'm a sucker for those shows, although I thought the Farmer one had some interesting things...too funny!
P.S. Cute blog! I love it!