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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

'And the Thunder Rolls!'

Last night, after a VERY long day for Lyle 'n I, I fell asleep and after many times of waking me up to make me roll over due to my snoring (I'm already like my dad! NOOO!)...and aside from Lyle's sick stomach...Lyle FINALLY also fell asleep.

(Enter storm)...scenery:dark night, lightning n thunder three seconds apart, house shaking...story begins.
I was woken up by a REALLY loud noise like someone was rolling off the roof. Notice the ROLLING part. It wasn't too long after that I realized a storm rolled in. Normally, I wake up to the lightning and thunder but I lay there and enjoy it...not this time. The storm was right over the house. It was the loudest, strongest, most un-nerving thunder and lightning show I have EVER experienced! Since I knew that Lyle had just barely fallen asleep I didn't want to wake him (how could he sleep through all the noise?!), but it would make me feel better...well...he WAS awake and we laid there for almost 30mins with the thunder shaking the house and the lighning making us worry where it's striking...the neighbor's backyard...the front lawn...AND of course all the neighbor dogs were unsettled (couldn't the lightning hit them? Sorry Jill, I don't have much of a heart when I am sleep deprived!).
FINALLY after the 30min, the heavens opened and it POURED for a good while and that was our cue to fall into a deep-but not too deep since morning was just around the corner. Let's just say it was a slow morning...and we woke up to a clear morning and no water on the ground like nothing ever happened. Welcome to the desert!

Oh!...i'll update later on school...so much going on...such little time...I'm SO exhausted and it's ONLY my third day! But good news on the job to come! Will post more later...thank goodness for three day weekends! I know what Lyle n I are doing! Want to join our recouping sessions?

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Ketchesons said...

Yucks! I'm scare just by reading.