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Thursday, August 14, 2008

My hubby loves me!

I LOVE the outside...especially when it's beautiful outside...cool,storm rolling in.
I have wanted a patio swing for a very long time and since we FINALLY have a patio to put one on, my sweet hubby surprised me one afternoon with a PATIO SWING! He had found one on sale at Home Depot...$60 from the normal $170.
The only problem is that it's still HOT season and so I haven't been sitting on it too often, but tonight we had a storm move in and it was cool, raining, lightning, thundering, and very windy. It was BEAUTIFUL! and perfect timing to just sit on my swing and RELAX. Thanks, babe! I LOVE my swing!
Now all I need is to graduate and get my telescope and I will be set up outside and never want to come inside.

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