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Sunday, August 24, 2008


I finally got new glasses. I have had my glasses for about five years and the frame is VERY thin so they were ALWAYS out of whack. The other day I was mentioning to Lyle that I really

ought to get new glasses soon when I picked them up and the spring broke.

Next day, I went and chose my new glasses and ordered them.

I decided to get a different style and went from oval to rectangular...

So...here's how they look...don't laugh at my big nose and how I look in the pictures...humor me!



No laughing!! :) Now my eyes just have to adjust with headaches until then.


Next...school starts tomorrow...I'll keep you posted, but just so you know, my intership class is requiring me to keep a weekly blog (instead of writing three large papers...YAY!). It'll be a different link, but I will add the link to my 'Friends and Family' list so you can read it if you feel like it...this is mainly for Mom since she enjoys knowing what's going on. Love you, MOM!


I have a possible job...a sister in the ward has asked me to be a babysitter/respite worker for her autistic child. I can go through the training in a week and then I will be watching the kids in the afternoon and some Saturdays. It's the perfect job while I am in school. It's very easy, great experience, and only 10-15 hours a week. Cross your fingers!


Sickness is going around! The beginning of the week, I came down with a nasty cold...it was bad. I finally got over it by Wednesday, but now Lyle is coming down with it, Brenda is in it full blown, and Doug started last night...No fun! We'll make it through.

That's all! Love you all! I'll keep you post in the many weeks to come.


Jake & Maria said...

You look awesome Girl! I am so excited for you and your internship, it will be a nice break from classes!

Ketchesons said...

Love the pictures!! the new frame is very flattering!

Meg said...

SO CUTE! I love them! Oh, and I love you too!