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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week One...fifteen to go!

I'm ALIVE!! That's important!

Going into my second to last semester, I was expecting it to be easy (maybe one hard class) with spare time in the morning (I get to sleep in) and in the afternoon...WRONG!

Monday-Class is at 11:50...sleep in, take it easy...at least that worked out as planned. Then I headed off to class (IND 316-Industrial Design History), sat through a VERY long lecture from the teacher I've had before...he's long winded and BORING, but easy. Then I had an hour break to check my email and stay indoors as much as possible. Then my second class, (BIS 402-Interdisciplinary Study Core Class) my teacher is kinda weird...doesn't suprise me too much since 301 and 302 I was stuck with the psychoEST teacher...maybe BIS attracts them...
the difference, I like her craziness because she makes sense and picks a topic that's interesting-the desert.

After class on Monday, I should have tonz of time but I don't get home til 5:30.

Tuesday-I go to the dentist at 7:00AM in the morning!!! Then to my internship where they started me on creating a manual for their guides so for 6 hours straight I read TONZ of info. Then I went directly to my class at 4:30 til 5:45 and listened to very interesting but also boring lecture (INT 310-Interior Decorating History)....tues and thurs are LONG days!

Wednesday-I had an interview with Guthrie for the Respite job working with an autistic child. I got it and had to plan into my schedule when I will attend four four hour classes...let's just say next week will be the week from hell, but the training will be good for three years and I can pick up more clients and make this my full time job for next semester AND after I graduate. YAY! This is what I wanted to get into!

Thursday- a little better because I wasn't reading quite as much at the internship and I was a little more comfortable around those people. Then I went to class and thankfully found a more comfortable chair so it wasn't quite so painful.

FRIDAY!!! I only had one class...the weird part was the night before, there was lightning FILLING the sky and they recorded about 100mph winds....so friday on campus, all the large trees were ripped out and across the parking lot and others were broken and on the walk way. It looked like a war zone. Apparently they are still cleaning up the area.

So that's week one! Stay tuned for next week!


Ketchesons said...

Holy cow! I hope you are alive for week two.
Good luck!

keri said...

Interesting background... I didn't really understand your desert fun facts. But the pics were cool. Good luck with week two!

Ashley said...

Well, you are welcome to play with Gracie anytime. Too bad we don't live closer!!

Justin & Rebecca said...

week one 12 weeks to go for us!
good luck with everything!