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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hanchett Reunion

We're BACK! It was WONDERFUL to be in ABQ where the weather was COOLER and beautiful. We also got to see family and friends. I always feel like there's so much to do when we go to ABQ since we only make it there twice a year. At least we got family and a few friends. The sad part we didn't get to was horseback riding...once again! Next time for sure.
the reason for the trip was because of the Hanchett 29th Family Reunion. We missed seeing some of the family (love you guys!), but the ones that were there we really feel like we were able to connect with.
Grandma and Grandpa wanted to start a new tradition from their mission (it's one my family already does so now both sides will do it)...chimes.
Then Grandpa handed out walking sticks that he cut from a tree in Alabama. Next year we will have a competition to see who decorated theirs the best.
We then enjoyed games and talking...and bowling! I bowled the worst game of my life (30 and compare that to Lyle's worst that day 130) , but I really had a great time with the girls.

Brittoni and I really connected. The proof...on Monday, Lyle, Wes, and Logan all went to bale hay from 7-2 and the whole time what did Brittoni and I do?...exercised our jaws. It really was great and also great to find someone that loves watching olympics and in particular gymnastics...just as much as I do.

Sadly, we had to leave on Tuesday, but we really had a great time...even if Wes killed me MANY times at Settlers...I did still cream my family in Monopoly...that's history!

Oh! Also...the drive down...yeah! That was crazy! First of all, I was driving...I hate driving in the rain, dark, and snow...well, we were driving at night AND it was raining...so I was very focused on the road that I missed our turn and took us to Snowflake...at least we got to see the BEAUTIFUL temple, but added thirty minutes to our trip.
THEN, I was craving ice cream...went to Holbrook at 8:00 pm and their DQ was closed. So we continued to Gallup...never try getting ice cream in Gallup at night.
McDonalds was open 24/7 but apperently not their ice cream machine. So we went to Blakes...closed...then Wendy's...closed...BK...no...sonic...just as we pulled up, we rolled down the window and the car next to us ordered ice cream and they announced that their machine was broken. NO ICE CREAM!!
Yeah, that was sad.
We finally made it to ABQ at 1:00 AM (we started at 5PM AZ time).

We really did enjoy the trip! It was fun to relax and play games with family and see old friends. We love you all! Thanks again!

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Ketchesons said...

How fun!!!
I miss you