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Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm an aunt...again!

Chloe was born yesterday around 5:00, and she was 7lbs 2oz! Jess and Brian are doing great. What a great Father's Day gift for them!

Jess was in labor from 8 on the 13th adn then at 4 yesterday when nothing was progression, they decided to do a c-section. So after many long hours for Jess, even Brian put in a 42 hour non-sleep "shift" and Brenda did 40,they are all very tired, but so happy to have this sweet blessing apart of their lives. She will definatly bless us all!

We are going to see them today at the hospital and I can't wait!

They've posted pics of everyone on the web. The site is below.

Congrats, Jess and Brian and Happy Father's Day, Brian and Doug!

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