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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Tasks of a Manager

Lyle has been a manager for two plus years now and it definatly has it's good days and bad days AND nights. That's one task that comes with the territory.
Work never ends when you over see the trucking side of the company. We get calls at all times of the night for break downs, running out of gas, and even fires. All in a day's (night's) work. Lyle is pretty patient, but last night was a different story.
Lyle has so much going on in his head that sometimes he just won't sleep (more and more like Doug each day!). Well last night was one of those and he had been trying to sleep since 11:00. At 12:00, MIDNIGHT, one of his truckers called...one that I have no patience for because he can't help himself in ANYTHING!...and he ran out of gas in the middle of no where. Well, it's a typical thing when you oversee five or six trucks. The problem is that this guy purposely didn't fill his tank all the way. ALSO, on a night that Lyle is VERY tired but can't sleep, this truck driver thinks it's funny.

Let's just say Lyle had NO patience and left the guy there for the night. Let's also say that now, Lyle could use a LONG nap.
He's not grouchy...he's just not smiling....which you all know is not a good thing for Lyle. That's why I'm smiling extra today-Per his request (even though I don't feel good, but some sacrifices have to be made).You want to help me?

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