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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Starting Somewhere

I figured that since I was always telling people that they should start a blog, I ought to take my own advice. I kept using the excuse that there's not much going on in the lives of a married, childless couple...nothing worthy of a blog, but if you think about it, it's easier to post every now and then than to send out a once in a blue moon email that is so long that the email logs me out and erases the novel I just spent forever writing, and then I have to rewrite it with an edge of annoyance because it's not as cute or interesting the second time around! =/

So even though this blog is filled with everyday happenings of Lyle and Katy and no pictures of babies that belong to Lyle and I, there will be pictures of babies since I have the most adorable nephew with the cheesiest grin, Colson, and my soon-to-appear drama-queen--yes, I'm joining this world, no, not yet, niece, Chloe (Jess is so frustrated and ready to have this undecided baby out!), and my mischievous two Virginia nephews, Noah and Micah... they will definitely keep you coming back even if the Hanchett's lives are work, work and work. Some excitement does happen even if it IS occasional...

So enjoy the blog and the family updates and remember that even though you don't get the mass emails anymore...we still love you all!

See what I mean about my adorable nephew? You gotta love him!

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