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Friday, June 6, 2008

Let It Go Down in History!

I am very close to my family and I talk often with my sisters and parents, but when it comes to my brother and his family...that's a different story. I haven't talked to them for many many moons. They were in ABQ for a week about a month ago, and I attempted to talk to him, but every time I called he was either at work (CIA business) or putting the kids to sleep and I never got to talk to him. So they came, they went and no call from Andy(never called, never wrote!)...I just figured I'd never hear his voice again, but lo and behold, randomly yesterday, I get a random 571 number calling and I just figured it was a sales person but picked it up anyway. IT WAS MY BROTHER!!! with spare time and decided to call! We proceeded to talk for about 30 min before he had to go, but it was such a great conversation and so great to hear from him and heidi (she's in the backgroung apart of the conversation). I love them both, but with them in Virginia and me in Arizona...let's just say I haven't seen them since I got married two years ago. So I REALLY enjoyed the conversation. Maybe it will happen more often...hint, hint, hint (if they're reading this!)...or at least I'd settle for a blog. :) Love you guys!

Andy, Noah, and Micah

Heidi and Micah

I don't have a recent family picture so I just picked cute ones I had saved on email. Keep those pictures coming!

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blaine and michelle said...

what a great surprise! your nephews are adorable.