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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Internship Possibility!

I have been searching and contacting people for my internship for the last two months and I have had NO luck!! It's very hard to find an internship that uses both concentrations of child development and design as opposed to business and communication where you can be a cashier and all is good. So I was in contact with the children's art museum in downtown Phoenix, but when it came time for the interview set-up, the lady never got back with me...even though I was in contact with her for three months straight. Frustrating!! The only good thing is that I REALLY don't want to do this internship because it's downtown and those that have seen phx traffic know it's MISERABLE. So I really don't want to go to downtown everyday. Anyway- I went for the weekend to the resort and happened to pick up a magazine that informs you of all that's around in AZ for tourists and lo and behold, I found there was a Arizona Museum for Youth in MESA!! That's VERY close to where we live AND close to campus. So I emailed the lady and called her on Monday and happily got an interview for Thursday the 19th. It's very promising and they seem VERY excited that I'm interested.
Check list:
Interview, check.
Internship, hopeful check.
Application, no problem, soon check.
All before the deadline of July 17th, we'll see. Hopeful check.


blaine and michelle said...

I hope you get it!!

Jake & Maria said...

Are you going to be on exhibit there??